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We're f**king superheroes - Don't laugh! It's true!
a science bros fanfic

Science bros share a spliff, talk about threesomes and superheroing.

Broship fic, but there's slash to be found if you're looking hard enough?

Warnings for explicit language (though I feel like I kinda gave that away in the title...) and drug use (it's medicinal! Mostly! Sort of! A little bit?)

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This is a problem now.

I made another fanmix. I think that's three in as many days now...

This time, for your shippy pleasure, I give you a Doctor/River mix with PJ Harvey, Amanda Palmer, the Beatles, Lykke Li, Björk, Four Tet aaand moooore! Yeah!

Because seriously, after LKH, if there is a Whovian left who doesn't madly ship them they must be utterly without heart. :P

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Eleventh Doctor Fanmix!

In celebration of Doctor Who returning to our screens it's - yup, you guessed it - a fanmix! For the eleventh doctor. <3

(And I've got a Doctor/River coming up next, just fyi...)

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Because I ship it like several fiercely burning things. This was originally gonna be fuuull to the brim of rock music. But, uh, then I was me, and it ended up being half electronica. But ALL shiny. And, um, only mildly pornographic. How can a fanmix be pornographic? You ask. If it's Cas/Meg, that's how. And if it involves Peaches. Peaches makes everything mildly pornographic just by existing.

At some point I might post something on this journal that isn't a fanmix, but don't hold your breath.Collapse )

SPN - Fanmix for Castiel

Does what it says on the tin - fanmix for Cas's character arc. SPOILERS for the season six finale like WOAH. You have been warned!

With Massive Attack, Bjork, Venetian Snares, Deerhoof and other shinies...

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Hey, why not?

I present to you, because I can, a selection of four songs, with all the polish and flair of songs written and produced at 4am in my bedroom with a microphone that keeps on threatening to stop working altogether and a recording programme the I don't understand and frightens me. Yeah. You have been warned, these recordings are SUPER rough, and sometimes have issues. But anyway, I figured that seeing as they were sitting on my computer, I might as well share them with the internet, so why not have a listen, and tell me what you think? Any critiques/thoughts are gratefully welcomed. <3


If not because you think I'm awesome, but because one of the tracks features a looped recording of the radio waves being emitted from the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy, and that is pretty cool?

SPN Winchester Fanmix

Oh my lord, this is actually the first time I've posted something not DW-oriented in my journal. I don't even have an icon for this fandom! Buffy staked Edward is the most appropriate thing I could find. (Because of Live Free or Twihard? C'mon, close enough.)

SO! In celebration of my FINALLY reaching the end of Supernatural - yes, I watched all six seasons for the first time over the last month - I've made a delightfully Winchester-y fanmix. Yaytimes.

Intended to be gen - but some of the songs can be easily interpreted in a slashy way if that floats your boat. :P

Meet me in an hour, at the car.
Songs for the Winchesters.

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Season Fnarg Spectrum Spam

There's been some terribly pretty colour-themed Whovian picspams around at the moment, so I though I'd add my two cents for Eleventy. <3

Spoilers for all of season fnarg, naturally.



Today was Armageddon. Not the bad end-of-the-world kind, but the kind that is the name of an Australasian geek culture convention. The best kind!

Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, and Paul McGann were in attendence for panels and signings. <333

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Amy Pond, Style Icon! - A Picspam. <3

Images will nom nom NOM your dial-up and, naturally, containing possibly spoilerific images from the ENTIRE season.

I'm a little in love with Amy's tights-and-skirts combos, and extra-fabulous nail polish details. I'm not entirely sure whether it's because her style is fab, or if it's just Karen Gillan is fiiiiiine. Probably both. Anyway! A tribute to the fashions of Miss Amelia Pond - and a nice single-stop for references for any cosplayers out there. :D

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